Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Effects Of Cell Phones And Other Electronic Devices

Instead of obtaining information only through reading text, visual arguments provide more conveniences for viewers to understand the information by a quick glance at the given images, which are related to the main idea of the information. Compared with text information, in-text visuals make the arguments to be more attractive and vivid, which can inspire readers to think and affect their ideas directly. This report will focus on two informative images Radiation from Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices[2] and Graphic Science: A World of Food Delivered to America s Doorstep[1]. These two visuals are taken from Science American website and the author for both visuals is Mark Fischetti who is a senior editor at this website.†¦show more content†¦In the image, the author uses lots of specific examples to show the sources and uses of radiation frequency in human daily life, such as mobile phones, TV Broadcast and wireless Data. By using things, which people are familiar with, to explain how different intensities of radiation work and how strong they are, this method makes scientific things to be easily understand by readers and raise readers emotional responses according to their own using experience. Appeal to pathos, the sense of familiarity causes people to connect the image information to their own experiences and be more interested about the author s idea. Especially, cell phone radiation using is a public concern because most people use cell phone frequently in their daily life. The idea of there is no threat[2] emphasis that people do not need to worry about the cell phone radiation. Also, the two significant colors used in the visual is green and yellow. Green color tend to mind feelings of calm[3] and it gives a sense of safety. By giving green as the background color for Non-ionizing radiation, viewers can get author s point that the non-ionizing radiation is safety for human s health and their application can be used with full confidence. Th erefore, putting cell phone under non-ionizing radiation is a metaphor that emphasis the radiation from cell phone will not hurt human health. In contrast, bright color can cause viewers attention. By using the bright yellow color to be the

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