Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why Reflective Practice Shall Increase in Importance in the Future Essay

Why Reflective Practice Shall Increase in Importance in the Future - Essay Example Moreover, universal access to health care is particularly important in Australia and in this manner, Medicare levy was established to provide varying benefits for individuals as regards hospital reimbursements, physician’s fees, medications and many more. Another worth noting fact is that health care system in Australia is largely government–run. Privatization of healthcare is said to be an issue gaining much commotion from all sectors of the society especially that private care offers freedom to choose doctors and that it also creates a threat to equity and access in the delivery of healthcare (Parbury, 2000). In connection, other issues compounding nursing practice in Australia include the aging populace which is also evident in other countries. In lieu of this, great fiscal demands are gauged to impact health care system. Moreover, the shortage of potential nurses in rural and remote areas of the country is apparent. If not properly addressed, this may result in further problems for the healthcare sector of the country. Moreover, the surging concern for the poor health of the indigenous people in Australia, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, increases the pressure for reconciliation between the indigenous people and white settlers of the country. As stressed by Parbury (2000), nursing in Australia is indeed exciting due to the massive opportunities for nurse practitioners. These are an outcome of the recent developments in nursing education and professional practice. Nonetheless, what is deemed to be of utmost concern is related to high attrition rate among the nursing workf orce and the challenge affronted the health care system as regards poor health and increased mortality rate amongst indigenous Australians. From this perspective, the study shall seek understanding and clarification of why reflective and critical thinking shall grow increasingly important in the future. According to past researchers, critical thinking or  reflection can help substantially in providing nurse practitioners with the freedom to introspect oneself as to his or her thoughts and actions (Simpson and Courtney, N.d.).

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