Monday, September 9, 2019

Movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Movie - Essay Example An example of this taken from the movie is when the wife Mrs. Smith is at a neighbors party and is holding a baby. The husband then reacts a certain way. The wife is performing an action that normally would not be performed and this persuades the husband to act in a certain way. Compliance resisting is the refusal of a target of influence message to comply with requests. This is shown many times throughout the movie. One significant example is when Mrs. Smith discusses redecorating and the purchase of new curtains. The wife intends to act as a normal wife does. Acting like a normal wife is the wife’s goal to try and persuade the husband into thinking the wife is someone she is not. This backfires as the target (Mr. Smith) reacts in a way that is not expected. Hurtful messages are messages that create feelings of pain and emotional upset. Hurtful messages do not begin in the movie until the couple finds out that they are similar to one another. A specific example of this is whe n the two are advised to kill one another. After they both realize that they are instructed to kill one another they begin producing hurtful messages. The hurtful messages are described when Mrs. Smith is driving in the car and talking to her husband on the phone. They both are relaying hurtful messages to one another.

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