Friday, August 9, 2019

Security Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Security Report - Essay Example However, there are many cases where malware is found in genuine software like company software; and the malware can be used maliciously in gathering marketing data. Software like firewalls, antivirus and antimalware are installed in computers to prevent malware attacks. The school administrators and teachers, on detecting malware attacks on school computers, should take steps to adopt the damage and adopt ways of minimizing the malware attacks in future. Assessing the damage involves three steps; preparation, investigation and assessment. In preparation stage; the administrators should avoid using the browser of affected computers; this is because malware usually spreads through browser vulnerabilities and opening infected web page can damage the computer further. The investigation stage involves identification of the malware type; this can easily be done through the study of malware categories in the server configuration and SQL injection (Cashell & Webel, 2004). In assessment stage the administrators should consider the damage done, for example; data theft of computer files corruption. The school administrators should inform members of the public on the malware attacks cases; through the appropriate communication or media channels. The public should also be informed of the type and magnitude of malware attack. Malware attack on school computers can be motivated by financial reasons, data theft or the innovative nature of students. The public must be told of the appropriate measures put in place to investigate the malware damage; and their trust can be achieved through explaining the measure adapted to prevent further attacks in future. There are software programs which have been made for the main purpose of combating malware; the school administrators should ensure that this antimalware software is installed in all official computers. Other preventing measures involve; backup measures and recovery measures. Antimalware

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