Monday, July 29, 2019

Download music should or shouldn't Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Download music should or shouldn't - Essay Example This in-turn gives an alarming notice to the music industry, since the government's plan of busting illegal down loaders’ can seriously harm the industry. Even the stars have different views about illegal downloading. Lily Allen and James Blunt are supporting the bust out of the illegal music downloads, on the other hand, the pop star Shakira believes that illegal downloading or file sharing actually takes her closer to her fans (Shields). WHY IS ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD OF MUSIC ETHICALLLY NOT RIGHT There are laws in every country to protect individuals from all professions. It is their right of course. Similarly, there are defined laws for protecting people in the music industry. Illegal music downloads have not only affected the stars themselves but also retail owners all over the world because they have lost some serious business. This, in turn, means that just because individuals are downloading music illegally a number of people might be getting unemployed in this time of econom ic crisis. In other words, every instance a song is downloaded illegally; an individual snatches something from another individual somewhere around the world for themselves. If anyone wants to download music, he should do it legally. There are multiple sources available to download legal music. There are cheap options available, as well. There are a certain programs that have been declared as legal as mentioned earlier. Now these are all legal because licensing agreements have been signed. Flouting copyright law is a serious offense (Downloading Music). PROs AND CONs OF DOWNLOADING MUSIC Pros Downloading music can get to the masses in minutes, which is not only handy and easily accessible to them, but also a potent treat for the... This "Download music should or shouldn't" essay outlines why it is not an easy issue. On one hand, the music download is facilitating the consumers and increasing its demand but, on the other hand, it’s not only reducing the sales figures of the music industry but also making it an inexpensive and common commodity. Pros †¢ Downloading music can get to the masses in minutes, which is not only handy and easily accessible to them, but also a potent treat for the music fans all over the world since they can get their hands on the music almost instantly. †¢ Downloading music is free. This saves the music fans a handsome amount of money since the legal copies cost a little too much for a normal man. †¢ The individuals who support music downloads say that it not only helps increase the popularity of the artist/singer, but it has also contributed a substantial chunk in the current success of the music industry worldwide. Cons †¢ It is rightly said that things that we get easily without putting in an extra effort are not that precious to any individual as would be a product which requires an extra effort from the consumer. †¢ The music downloads lead to a fall in sales of the retailers of music stores, in turn of the music companies and ultimately the stars themselves too. This can have a disturbing effect on the music industry because of the loss of funds. †¢ At times, downloading music is not even totally free. Downloading from websites may charge a subscription fee which might be equal to purchasing an actual copy (Oak).

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