Thursday, July 25, 2019

CoOrdinate implementation of customer service stratergies (certificate Essay

CoOrdinate implementation of customer service stratergies (certificate III in sales) - Essay Example 6 Private Contractor 7Architect and Private Contractors 8 Company approves Interior Design and Store Lay-out Milestone 3 9 Interior Designer starts work 10 Interior Designers ends work 11 Merchandisers fix store lay-out Milestone 4 12 Booths/kiosks for sports and apparel finished 13 The interior designer makes final touches to the store lay-out 14 Company opens store to the public Milestone 5 GANNT CHART OF MAJOR TASKS TO BE DONE BY PERSONNEL IN ACQUIRING THE PRODUCTS (SPORTING GOODS, EQUIPMENT, APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES) Task Task 1 Planning Sports Equipment Task 2 Generating and Selecting list of suppliers Task 3 Checking Quality of Merchandise and Final Choice Task 4 Planning Store Lay-out for Sports and Apparel Task 5Installation Task 6 Sporting Goods are placed in Display Booths Task 7 Store is open to the Public Reports & milestones Duration of Project - months 1 Store Merchandising Manager and team Milestone 1 2 Merchandising Team 3Merchandising Team 4 Quality control Manager and team of assistants Milestone 2 5 Marketing Director and Merchandising Team 6 Architect, Marketing Director and Merchandising Team 7 Architect and Private Contractor Milestone 3 8 Architect and Private Contractor 9 Architect and Private Contractor 10 Architect and Private Contractor 11 Marketing Director and Merchandising Team Milestone 4 12 Merchandising Team 13 Merchandising Team 14Marketing Director, Merchandising Team and Architect Milestone 5 Identification of Project Stakeholders The project has several stakeholders. The first group of stakeholders is the...Through special coordination with the company's high-quality suppliers, product testing demonstrations will take place on-site for our customers to appreciate. This system will allow the customer to appreciate the features of the sports equipment and accessories, and they will be able to receive detailed equipment performance information right from the manufacturers' representatives. The Shop employs sports specialists and athletes who are familiar with the various sporting goods and equipment. The shop caters to university students and sports enthusiasts who live in the community. The shop has a strategic location as it is close to Deakin University Waterfront campus, college and high school libraries, department stores and supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, entertainment sites, city hospitals, designated sporting grounds and the beach. The project has several stakeholders. The first group of stakeholders is the end consumers consisting of the family households comprising of the parents, the teen-agers who are university students, the children and other family members who will purchase the sport equipment, apparel and accessories. The company must provide high-quality goods at affordable prices.

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