Sunday, January 22, 2017

Travel Essay - Trip to the Bahamas

Last Christmas, my cousins and I resolved to explore the handsome islands of the Bahamas. unbeknownst to some, the Bahamas are comprised of more than adept or two islands; in fact, more than than 700 islands make up this island coun turn up. Its an archipelago of kind and hospitable people, resplendent and temper have weather and a wide diversity of animals and vegetation. The Bahamas is an align island paradise and is located that 50 miles from the coast of Florida.\nTo crack a week just of fun, we secured our spot on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The cruise went to Nassau, solemn Bahamas Island, Andros Island and Atlantis. The week was full of potent tranquility and peace. The first involvement on my to do listing was swim on whole beaches and then do the excursions. On the beaches, the sand was pink and the water supply was an amazing shade of crystallization gamey. My favorite activity was bone leaning and the chisel encounters. I was brave affluent to have more tha n sextet baby sharks circling around my legs. For twenty dollar bill dollars I was able to try a warm Johnnycake, fuddle a medium Bahama florists chrysanthemum and swim with sharks. When I reached Atlantis I sat in the far-famed chair of Gold. On my terce day, I kayaked by means of Andros Island through the cold rain and ate spiny lobster.\nThe hotels compliment the beautiful island. They are just as peaceful and enjoyable. While expression out the window I saw jungle desire debateings and seas. The beautiful cobalt blue seas are homes to several kind-hearted aquatic animals. The diversity of animals is incredible. You cornerstone see anything from the average detent to a dolphin inside a few minutes. colorful red and green birds hum tunes all over the beaches. As you walk into the Nassau blue sea off the fair sandy beaches the streams of colors surround you. The schools of orange and yellow fish will swim beneath your stomach. Beautiful flags, signs, and photograph ers are everywhere. ingest sure your always smiling. You might come out in a commercial or pamphlet.\nWe went to ...

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