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br Running Head WorldWorld Enforcement World EnforcementIntroductionLife is to be lived in its trials , tribulations , duty and beauty - to know how true this assessment is , appreciation Morrie ! `Health is wealth , goes the wise saying . By the reprimand nonpareil understands and begins to appreciate the true meaning of this statement , sometimes , it is too late . One enjoys the recollection of the past observe , when the present state of affairs is sound . What if something grave is disaster about the present ? The control is about how Morrie tackles his most fine problem the certain remainder , and would not give up the fight cashbox the end . He doesn t concede a walkover to finale , and maintains the positive attitude towards emotional state cashbox his last breath . The lesson of the story is how to the dynami cally surrender to death with equanimity , love and poise , and the real happiness is not in the materialistic comfortsThe concern and goal of an ideal teacher is to make the students aware of the big responsibility on their shoulders to exchange the world for the better . Human society today is greatly influenced by materialistic civilization . The challenges are grave and heartbreaking . The essence of life is lost and undue importance is apt(p) to silver and power . This is the root causes of the current crises in more(prenominal) than than unity orbit . All sorts of social contradictions and conflicts manifest themselves . The arriver of the cyber civilization has make the human society more and more dehumanized and alienate . The beginning of the story in the book sets the tone for a humane ending . What does Mitch Albom , who had high construe for his Professor , do by and by the graduation ceremony ? He writes Afterward , I find Morrie Schwartz , my favorite Professor , and enrol him to my parents .bestessaycheap.com is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He is a small man who takes small stairs as if a strong wind could , at any time , rack up him up into the clouds (Albom , 2002 ,.3 ) The meeting indicates a surplus type of relationship between the Mitch and the ProfessorAlbom promises to remain in associate with the Professor , and goes to ensue his avowed biography in medicament . He is concisely frustrated as he meets one setback after another . This makes him ponder deeply whether his termination to take up the biography of his inner liking was reproach . He turns misanthropic and broods , whether he is failing to achieve something that he hoped for i n life through music . At such a sum his uncle passes away from cancer at the unfledged age of xliv . This gives him the shock , and he is in a hurry for materialistic achievements . He wishes to make a career where money-flow is assured . He takes degrees in journalism and business ecesis . Soon his career begins to take off . This example goes to fix how an individual is strained by the circumstances to give up the career of his superior , and goes for money-spinning options . He gets married and pursues his materialistic goals smartly . In one of...If you want to get a honorable essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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